Our Tattoo Aftercare Products

There is little more important to the tattoo process than taking care of your fresh tattoo. Ignoring proper aftercare technique will leave any tattoo dull and splotchy, no matter how good your artist is. Here at Ink or Swim Tattoo, we believe strongly in providing only the best products and services the tattoo industry has to offer, from the the time you walk through our door until your tattoo is completely healed. In line with this idea, we have developed our own line of tattoo aftercare: Siren Soap, Davy Jones Lotion, and Sea Spray Oil. These products will not only help your tattoo heal properly from start to finish, but they will also keep it looking great as time wears on. Below you will find information about our complete Ink or Swim Tattoo Aftercare product line, as well as instructions on how to properly use each item.

We offer our aftercare products in our online store, and at the shop in Valparaiso during normal business hours.

Step One: Siren Soap

This is the first step in keeping your tattoo clean and germ-free. Before any application of lotion during the first two weeks of healing, you must fully wash and dry your tattoo. Siren Soap steps up to the plate with incredible natural ingredients such as peppermint oil that helps reduce redness and swelling, and tea tree oil that acts as an antiseptic. This soap also has organic aloe, jojoba oil, in addition to provitamins B5 and E that help moisturize as they clean your new tattoo.

Step Two: Davy Jones Lotion

Every tattoo needs to be moisturized regularly, and this is our favorite product on the market. Davy Jones Lotion is a perfect blend of pumpkin, marula, and baobab oils that act as extra rich moisturizers to help accelerate the healing process of your new tattoo. Unlike many lotions and balms on the market, this product will dry within minutes, allowing you to wear loose-fitting clothing without worrying about a goopy mess waiting for you when you change clothes. Davy Jones Lotion can also be used as a daily moisturizer once your tattoo is fully healed, helping keep your skin moisturized and healthy well into the future.

Step Three: Sea Spray Oil

Not every tattoo heals the same, so our Sea Spray Oil is perfect for extra-dry areas that frequently pop up during the normal healing process. "Liquid Gold" Argan oil combined with grapeseed and helichrysum oils create a super moisturizing and "boosting" effect, which is perfect for those spots of extra-dry skin. Sea Spray Oil can also be used from time to time in place of a Davy Jones Lotion. It covers the skin with an extra-protective, semi-waterproof layer that is great for the times you need a little additional protection on your fresh tattoo.