How much will my tattoo cost? 

Tattoo pricing typically comes down to length of time and difficulty of the artwork. Ink or Swim’s shop minimum for any tattoo is $60, but to get a better idea of the price for the tattoo of your dreams, either stop by for a complimentary consultation, or submit a pricing inquiry with our form.

If you have a limited budget, don't fret! Discuss this with your artist to see if your tattoo can be broken up into lower-priced sessions or resized to fit your budget. Just remember, every tattoo is a work of art, and working within a budget is not the same thing as haggling, which we will never do.

How much will my piercing cost?

Piercing costs at Ink or Swim start at $25 plus the price of the jewelry you select. For specific piercing questions, please contact the shop directly.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes. For every tattoo appointment we make, we require at least $50 hold your spot in the schedule. Longer appointments (3+ hours) will likely require at least $100 as a deposit. The deposit amount comes off of your final total, so a $200 tattoo with a $50 deposit will be $150 the day it is done. Piercings require a non-refundable $20 deposit that work the same way. If you fail to cancel or change your appointment at least 24-hours ahead of your scheduled appointment, you will forfeit your deposit. This policy is non-negotiable. 

Do you do custom tattoo work?

Almost exclusively. Our team is full of well-rounded artists that are extremely good at taking your ideas and creating a perfect tattoo designed just for you. If you have a design you want exactly as-is, we can work with you as well!

Do you accept walk-ins?

If we have the time, of course! As long as an artist or piercer has an opening big enough to fit you in, we would love if you came by. Call ahead to be sure, though, as walk-in can be limited and appointments will not be disrupted for walk-in traffic. If you are worried about getting tattooed or pierced at a specific time, we encourage you to make an appointment first.

Do you tattoo or pierce under 18?

We leave all decisions on what will or won't be tattooed or pierced up to our artists and piercers. We also require anyone under 18 looking to be tattooed or pierced to schedule a consultation to discuss their ideas with someone at Ink or Swim before they can schedule an appointment.

Required Paperwork for Minors: 1) Birth certificate or custodial paperwork with the names of the minor and guardian. 2) Government issued photo identification for both parties.

Are you hiring?

Ink or Swim is always looking for established tattooers to join our team. If you or someone you know is looking for a new challenge, have them contact the shop. 

I still have some questions...

We would love to help you with whatever you need to know! There are no dumb questions - everyone comes into our shop with different levels of knowledge, so don't feel like you can't reach out to us for some clarification. Our goal is to educate our clients every chance we get.

Submit your questions via the form, email us at, or call us at 855-INK-SWIM // 855-465-7946.